Soraya Lane The Navy Seal's Bride

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The Navy SEAL’s BrideSuddenly injured out of the Navy, Tom’s struggling to return to civilian life. His precious niece Gabby is his only ray of sunshine. Until he agrees to be the ‘show’ in her school show-and-tell, and meets teacher Caitlin.Caitlin knows disappointment too – her ballet career’s now just a memory. Maybe together they can find a new reason to hope.

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Sohn Amy Sex and the City: Kiss and

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After six wildly successful and critically acclaimed season, HBO's Sex and the City lowered its curtain with an extraordinary finale befitting its remarkable run. Now Sex and the City, the first true comedy about sex and love from a female point of view (and the show that made cosmopolitans and designer shoes part of every single woman's night out), lives on in this luscious, uniquely entertaining, and one-of-a-kind book. Sex and the City: Kiss and , the official companion book, celebrates the show with behind-the-scenes stories on all six seasons and original interview with each of the primary actors. Ever wonder which designer made that outrageous outfit of Carrie's? What real-life stories inspired those shocking episodes? How many dates the fabulous foursome have really been on? Packed with over 750 full-color photographs, this stunning volume will answer all these questions and more with information not available anywhere eels. Topped off with a introduction by Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City: Kiss and will excite anyone who has experienced even the slightest flirtation with the sexiest, funniest show on television. Издание полностью на английском языке.

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Popular School Dictionary

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The Popular School dictionary has over 40, 000 words and phrases, with simple meanings and example phrases show how words are used. It includes words from the curriculum, international vocabulary and new words from ICT. It is ideal for quick word look-up at home.

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Junior Illustrated Thesaurus Hardcover

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This new 2012 edition of the Junior Illustrated Thesaurus features thousands of synonyms with new illustrations and photographs in a contemporary and easy-to-use design. Entries are simple and clear, and include example sentences to show the words in context. It is powered by the Children's Corpus, a unique electronic database of millions of words of writing for children. Writing tips on choosing the right word, character and setting vocabulary, and alternatives to words like 'nice' and 'good', are given to support young writers. Getting around the thesaurus is easy with the alphabet on every page, and coloured tabs highlighting the letter of the page. The Top 10 Tips for Writing Stories at the back are excellent. It is the ideal companion to the Junior Illustrated Dictionary.

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ing the Time. Wipe-Clean

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This brilliant wipe-clean book helps children learn to tell the time on both analogue and digital clock faces and teaches whole hours, half hours and quarters. Ladybird Peppa is learning to tell the time. Would you like to practise, too? Draw in the times and clock hands with the special pen, then wipe them off and try again! This brilliant wipe-clean book helps children learn to tell the time on both analogue and digital clock faces and teaches whole hours, half hours and quarters.

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Theatre Stker Book

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Curtain up! It's show tinae! Peppa and George love making up stories and now they are the stars of the show! Use the stickers to decorate the scenes and invent your own Peppa and George stories. Step on stage... and let your imagination take off!

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Igor Kazarinov How to significantly improve understanding of the basics of mathematics in a very short time

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This book will tell you how to find and effectively correct missed data in mathematics and how to apply some simple and effective exercises that will considera by save your time and nerves when studying mathematics and preparing for exams.Also it will show in details some other major pitfalls – mathematical skills which were not learned and understood by a huge number of students and this prevents them from getting correct and confident answers when solving mathematical problems and tasks.

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Me Who?

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Me Who? is full of hundreds of surprising questions and fascinating answers which can provide teasing questions, settle arguments, and assist with school projects. It is an intriguing reference book for the whole family. Me Who? focuses on questions with openings such as 'who was', on topics ranging from people in world history to the scientific community.

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Topsy and Tim. Our Day

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Topsy and Tim are having a very busy day! Follow the twins from morning to night as they wake up, go to school, play games, have dinner, get ready for bed and more, and move the real clock hands as you go along to show the time of day for each of their fun activities. Being able to tell the time on an analogue clock face is a key early learning skill for children starting school and beyond, and this fun, interactive book is perfect for extra practice and support.

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Angel Wight Pisces. Zodiac

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This book tell about the 12th sign of Zodiac. Pisces are sensitive, emotional, impressionable, vulnerable, gently, patient and intuitive. We invite you join to our Russian-British project and tell about yourself:

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Reading Tree. Traditional Tales Story Games. Flashcards

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Children learn best when reading is fun and these Story Games Flashcards are a great way to practice reading and storytelling skills, which will help your child's creative writing. Play games to sequence and retell some of your favourite stories and make some of your own versions! Carefully created to practise phonic sounds and letters, each game has concise, easy to follow instructions which will require no preparation -just sit down with your child and have fun! These games will help children to: - Read words and phrases using phonics - Retell favourite traditional stories and talk about the characters - their own versions of traditional stories Visit for practical advice, helpful information about phonic as well as free storyteller videos and free eBooks to support the series. These games have been created to complement the Reading Tree Traditional Tales storybooks.

Imported large flower black bottom fabric to fashion show and fashion show thin clothing fabric

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